Wingman Shot Glass

Wingman Shot Glass
• durable acrylic
• pulls apart for easy cleaning
• up to 2.75 ounces per person – great with beer or your favorite recipe !

Product Details:

This Wingman Shot Glass is something truly special. That’s right, this is a ‘wingman shot glass’. It is for those moments when you need an assist with the shot (we hope you got the pun), or simply when you don’t want to go down alone. Either way, this is the perfect way to put your wingman to the test. This is definitely a new and fun way to take those shots, and it’s lowly priced (click link above or below for current price).

It is made from durable acryclic, so do not worry about the quality. You can easily pull the whole thing apart when you want to clean it, or for whatever other reason. Users of this shot glass will each consume up to 2.75 ouces (approximately 81 ml) of the beverage. So just because someone is taking the shot with you does not mean you consume less. You could drink just as much, if not more than from a regular shot glass. When the liquid is poured in one of the shot glasses, it flows to between the two glasses to fill them both up. Then it is up to you and your wingman / wingwoman to down it.

After filling up the shot glasses, two people have grab each of the ends, and at the same time they have to chug. There is no backing out of shots using this method. It is a whole bunch of fun, so make sure to grab one or a couple for you and your friends. The product’s dimensions are as follows: 10 inches by 3 inches by 3 inches, and the shipping weight is about 0.3 ounces (approximately 8.5 grams).

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