Spin the Shot

Original Spin the Shot – Fun Adult Drinking Games, Includes 2 Ounce Shot Glass
• CLASSIC GAME, NEW TWIST: Remember Spin the Bottle? Spin the Shot drinking game is the same game, except you’re playing for shots and there is no kissing involved; unless you want to. The funny shot glass is a perfect shot spinner gag gift for adults.
• EASY TO PLAY: Just pour a shot into the included glass shot glass, spin the arrow and whomever the arrow points to must drink! Make up your own rules for shot games for adults for extra fun. Spin the Shot is a lot more fun than chambong or shot ski and it is a funny shot glasses for adults.
• PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION: Don’t settle for copies and any old funny shot glasses or the same old drinking accessories when you can bring this shot roulette drinking game to parties, BBQs, pool parties and more. You’ll be the life of the party.
• WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT FOR ADULTS: fun drinking gifts, unique shot glasses, and casino theme party decorations are great drinking gifts for alcohol lovers that will be used time and again! Adult gag gifts are perfect for birthdays (particularly 21st birthdays), stocking stuffers, man caves gifts, groomsmen and funny gift exchanges.
• THE MORE THE MERRIER: This fun adult party activity is recommended for 2-6 players, but we won’t judge you if you play solo, big shot!

Product Details:

Spin The Shot is a new drinking game that the manufacturer, Urban Trend, produced. It is based on the well-known game, ‘spin the bottle’. As you may know, in ‘spin the bottle’ the game is played by spinning the bottle, then whoever the bottle points at after the spin, has to perform a predetermined action (like a kiss or some kind of dare). ‘Spin the shot’ is very similar. However, kissing is not mandatory in this game because the person will have to take a shot instead.

This is a very simple game to understand and play. The set includes a shot glass (which is made of actual glass), and a spinning wheel with an arrow. To play, simply pour your beverage of choice (it does not even have to be alcohol) into the shot glass. Then gather a bunch of your friends and proceed to sit in a circle around the set up. The first player will then spin the wheel. The person who the arrow points at will have to drink the shot. That player will then spin the wheel, and the process is repeated. It is up to the players to determine how a game is won, but please play responsibly. The game is meant to be fun, not dangerous.

The weight of this set is only 8 ounces (approximately 226 grams), and its dimensions are 4.1 inches by 2.9 inches by 8.6 inches. So it is not a bulky or heavy item. This means that you can easily take it with you to wherever the party is.

As you can probably tell, Spin The Shot can be intense and a lot of fun. Its price is even more impressive (check out the link further above or below for the current and exact price). Treat yourself and friends to an awesome game by buying this game!

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