Shot Glass Chess

Shot Glass Chess

Product Details:

This Shot Glass Chess set is something that you would certainly be entertained by. So, what is Shot Glass Chess? It is pretty much like the chess we have all come to love to play, except, this has a slight twist to it. It is now a drinking game! The chess pieces on the board are basically shot glasses. The objective is the same, the only difference lies in what is being moved, and what happens after successful moves. Once a chess piece (shot glass) is eliminated, the losing player has to drink it. If you thought chess was hard before, try doing it while drunk! It is loads of fun though because it takes the edge off from one of the most serious board games. Responsible and legal participation is highly recommended. This chess set is made from very high quality glass. So the strength, clarity, and form is excellent.

The manufacturers of this shot glass chess set have a beautiful description of the product. Here it is:

«There was a time, far back in the realms of ancient history, when men sat at tables in the pub, pint carefully at their side, pitting their wits against each other in time honored fashion, concentrating over the chess board. Sadly this practice has become all but extinct. Until now. This beautiful chess set, crafted from the finest quality glass, has for its pieces 32 shot glasses, each with the likeness of the standard piece embossed on it for identification. As a display piece, this set is unbeatable, but its possibilities for a drunken game are endless. Fill each glass with your favourite shot, then challenge your friends to a game. Each time your pieces are taken, you down the shot; likewise your opponent. As the game progresses, it’s guaranteed to become interesting as your muddled mind tries some strategies and your wits become addled.

This is an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys the fascinating game of chess, even more so if they also like a drink. Remember to drink carefully, as the consumption of excess amounts of alcohol is likely to seriously impair your chances of winning!»

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