Russian Roulette Beer Pong

Beer Pong russian roulette

Russian Roulette Beer Pong is a fun way to play beer pong. We’ll explain to you how to play it. It is not a complicated game to learn, which is one of the great things about it.

You might already have guessed that this version of beer pong is much like the well known «Russian Roulette» game. To play, you will need the following: a beer pong table, about six beer pong cups for each team playing, a bottle of vodka (preferably one that packs a hell of a punch), beer pong balls (use the same number of balls as the number of players in the game), a lot of water, extra cups for ball washing, and last but not least, a group of enthusiastic people to play.

The game is best played in teams of two or three people. However, you could also play one on one, or with more than three people per team. Next, you should arrange the cups in a circle on each side of the table. Then pour a bit of vodka into some of the cups; the number of cups with vodka should be the same as the number of players on each team. It would be a BAD idea to fill a cup with vodka. Instead pour the same amount as one or two shots (you can use a shot glass to measure).

Once you have poured the vodka into the appropriate number of cups, pour the same amount of water into the remaining cups. The number of cups with water should be about two times as many as the number of cups with vodka. For example, if each team has two players, each team will have two cups of vodka and four cups of water. Then place these cups in a circle. However, if there are many more people playing the game, a circle may not work well, so you should probably use the usual formations in that case.

At this point, you are ready to get the game started. Before beginning get someone who’s not playing to shuffle the cups so that the position of the vodka cups is not known to the players. Each person in a team shoots before the next team has their turn. The cups where the ball lands are the ones that have to be chugged. If you chug the cup with vodka, you are eliminated from the game. This goes on until all the players in a team are eliminated. Russian Roulette Beer Pong is definitely a fun game to try with friends. Enjoy!

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