Civil War Beer Pong

beer pong civil war

Civil war beer pong is one of the different types of beer pong games you can play. It is a lot of fun to play, and easy to learn, so let’s get right to it.

This game is played by at least four people (two on each team), preferably six (three on each team). These are the things you will need to play this game: a beer pong table, three cups for each person playing (for example, 12 cups if there are four of you playing), and half the number of balls as there are players (so if there are six players, you’ll need to have three balls in the game).

The beauty of this game is that you can get more players involved because you would not have to wait to shoot. This means you can get your shots up quickly. Whoever the ball lands near, is the player who will shoot. Basically, whoever gets the ball, gets to go. Any player can shoot at any of the other players’ cups (except your teammates…of course).

Here are a few words about the rules of the game. You may not interfere with another player’s shot. In case of a cup spill, refill the cup and resume the game. Each player has three cups in front of them. Once all the three cups have been eliminated, they too are eliminated from the game. However, they are still allowed to assist their remaining teammates to run after the ball. The first team to eliminate all the opposing players wins.

Civil War Beer Pong is that simple. Watch the video above for a variation of the game. So get out there, and command your beer pong troops to victory!

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