Capture the Flag Beer Pong

Beer Pong capture the flag

Capture the Flag Beer Pong is an extremely fun twist on beer pong. This game is a product of the company Pong on Fire, which describes this game as a mix between Capture the Flag and beer pong (as the name clearly suggests). It is certainly worth your time to learn about this game, and get your hands on one. If you like beer pong, then you will love Capture the Flag Beer Pong. It is a game that will keep you and your friends coming back for more.

This is a game that requires a skillful and strategic approach in order to be victorious. The rules of this game are not difficult to grasp. They are simple to understand and follow, as we shall demonstrate. This game set includes 50 cards that can be used in gameplay. However, you do not have to be use them all at the same time. After dividing the participants into teams, assign a FLAG card to each team. Then randomly assign the remaining cards to each team. Each team should have as many cards as they have cups. So if you have 10 cups in front of you, you should have 10 cards under those cups.

Of the 10 cards that each team has, one of them will be a FLAG card, and 9 will be randomly assigned. You could also place the cards inside the cups (just above the beer). The cups are ‘beer proof’. The cards in the game have different commands written on them. So after a cup is hit, read the command on the card, and do what it instructs you to. The main objective is to shoot into the cup containing the FLAG card, and then to “capture” it. You “capture” the flag by sinking that specific cup three times, or just once if you have already eliminated all the other cups.

By the way, you do not need to play this game with alcohol for it to be awesome, the added features make it just as fun to play even with water! Do not miss out on all of this fun!

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