Blitz Beer Pong

beer pong blitz

Here is an interesting version of beer pong that would be a lot of fun to try. We like to call it “Blitz Beer Pong”. As the name suggests, this is a high intensity and high speed version of beer pong. So here is how it goes.

Gather as many friends as you can for this one. The more people you have playing, the more fun it will be for everyone. However, there is no perfect number of players. After playing a couple of times, you will know what the best number of players for you is. After sorting out the teams, sort out the equipment. You will be using many balls in this game: about forty in total. Give twenty balls to each team. Again, this number can be varied depending on your preference. Once the cups and table have been set up, the game can begin.

Blitz is not played in turns like beer pong often is. Instead, you can all go for it at the same time. Each team will throw the balls as they please. The objective is to score as many of the twenty balls as possible into your opponents’ cups. You only get to shoot each ball once, so although there are no turns, be careful with your shots. This goes on until one of the following things happen (in order of priority): all of a team’s cups are sunk, a team runs out of balls, or three minutes go by. If one team sinks all the cups before three minutes, they win. If not, then the team that made the most shots wins. The losing team will have the delightful task of picking up all the balls from the floor!

There are several strategies you could use in this game. You could either go for rapid fire, and aim to eliminate the opponent before time. Or you could take your time and simply aim to make more shots than the opponent by the end of the three minutes. Either way, Blitz Beer Pong is a fun version of beer pong that is sure to get the whole room pumped. Make sure to try it out with your friends.

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