Baseball Beer Pong

beer pong baseball

Baseball Beer Pong is a fun variation of the classic beer pong game. Baseball fans will love it, and non-baseball fans are in for a new experience.

So, let us begin with what you need to play baseball beer pong. The first item you will need is an awesome beer pong table. You will also need the following things: sixteen cups, beer pong balls, and the beverage of your choice that will be consumed in the game. When choosing the drink, try to find the balance between «I respect my liver» and «It’s party time!» Then gather your friends and get ready to play. Watch the video above for the visual demonstration of how to play.

The next thing to do is to split yourselves into two teams, with a minimum of two players on each team. Then, in front of each team, place four cups in a straight line (the line should point in the direction of your opponent, not sideways). The main objective will be to get the ball into the cups on your opponents’ side of the table. The cup furthest from you is a ‘home run’, the one next to it is a ‘triple’, the cup after that is a ‘double’, and the last cup in that line is the ‘single’. In between the two teams, place three cups (also in a line, but more spaced out) on opposite edges of the table. These represent the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bases. Remember to include a water cup to help with the rinsing of the ball.

When shooting, you are only allowed three shots. Each missed shot is a «strike». Just like in baseball, three strikes means you are out, and three outs means it is the other team’s turn to «bat» (or in this case, shoot the beer pong ball). If the ball bounces off the rim of the cups, the opposition can catch it before it lands anywhere else, and this would mean the «batter» (the one who threw the ball) is out. When a cup is made, the «batter» will move to that base (the cups in the middle of the table), and face off with a member of the other team. By this I mean, a game of flip cup is played. If the «batter» drinks first, he/she is safe. If not, they are out. As the «batter» you can attempt to steal bases too. The team with the most «runs» at the end of the game wins.

This one may take a bit of time to fully grasp, but it is worth learning. It is a lot fun to play, so make sure to give it a try.

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