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Rasta Imposta Beer Pong Cup Costume
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Product Details:

This Beer Pong Cup Costume is made by Rasta Imposta. It is certainly a fun costume to wear, and is guaranteed to light you up, as well as everyone around you. It is an interactive party costume that is made of 100% Polyester. This costume should be washed by hand in order to ensure it stays in the best condition, over the longest period of time. So please avoid putting it in the washing machine. In addition to the cup (which is worn using straps around the shoulder), it also comes with an inflatable ball so that the costume. This completes the costume as a whole.

This beer pong costume can be used for several types of special occasions. You could use it on Halloween, you can use it for a party with friends, you could wear it just because you feel like it, and of course, you can put it on when playing beer pong (talk about getting into character, right?) This costume comes with a blow-up ball. This naturally means you should challenge the people around you to attempt a shot in the cup. It can be a life sized version of beer pong. It sounds like fun right? The dimensions of the costume are as follows: 12 inches by 10 inches by 3 inches, and the shipping weight of the costume is 1.1 pounds (approximately 0.5 kg).

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