Floating Beer Pong Set

GoPong Pool Pong Rack Floating Beer Pong Set, Includes 2 Rafts and 3 Pong Balls
  • Challenge guests to a rowdy round of beer pong at the next pool party with this handy floating game set
  • Game includes 2 rafts, 3 balls, and rules which can be followed, rewritten, or ignored at leisure
  • Each floating islands has room for 6 cups and can be used as a drink holder when games aren’t in session

Product Details:

This Floating Beer Pong Set (a product of GoPong) is the perfect purchase for the summer time, or if you have large indoor water-bodies (like indoor pool), this would also work well all year. With this floating beer pong set you could host an awesome beer pong pool party, and have fun with friends.

Each set comes with two rafts (in this case it’s basically a floating beer pong rack), three beer pong balls, and rules have also been included. Whether you wish to follow these rules, or come up with your own, that’s your choice. Each of the two rafts is able to hold/carry six cups at once. Of course, you can use these for more than just beer pong. You could also use them when you are just relaxing out in the pool and need somewhere to rest your cups and drinks. The sidewalls of the rafts/racks are quite high. This helps with the stability, and it can withstand the pushes ans pulls of the water around. This provides a comfortable experience. This product is also compatible with ice / freezable beer pong racks, which will help keep your drinks super cool.

This set can be purchased for your own usage, or as a gift for someone else (they would love it). So if you want to experience the joy of playing beer pong in the pool, or simply need a ‘table’ for your drinks when you are in the pool, this floating beer pong set is ideal for you. It is also the most affordable option.

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