Collapsible Beer Pong Set

Franklin Sports Portable 10 Cup Beer Pong Tailgate Game – Includes 6 Ping Pong Balls and Carry Case
• (2) Collapsible 10-cup targets with travel handles
• (6) 10-cup balls
• (3) orange and (3) red balls
• Convenient handle design
• Includes carry bag

Product Details:

This Collapsible Beer Pong Set is exactly what you need if you are looking for a beer pong set that takes into account portability, ease of storage, utility, and convenience. Its low price is even more reason to buy it (see the link above or below for the current price).

As mentioned before, this set provides extreme convenience because it includes pretty much all you would need for an awesome beer pong experience. This includes:

  • Two collapsible 10-cup targets, and these have travel handles which allow for easy transportation. These targets are just as good as a beer pong table.
  • Six 10-cup balls. Of these six balls, three are orange, and the other three are red. Some of these balls are slightly heftier than the others, which would allow you to play outdoors with as much ease as playing indoors (where blowing air is not as much of a factor). You can decide which balls to use depending on the circumstance or your preference. This provides you with more options.
  • The design of the handle further accommodates for great convenience and ease of use
  • The set also comes with a carry bag. This would enable you easily move everything at once. It is also an all-purpose bag.

This cool beer pong set is a product of Franklin Sports, who are known for their quality. In this set, they also included rules of the game, and instructions to help you out with the assembly of the set.

As you can see, this Collapsible Beer Pong Set is as complete a set as you can get. You could use it on many occasions, such as beer pong games, parties, outdoor events, tailgate parties, and many more. This is a highly recommended product, so make sure to grab one for yourself, or for someone else as a gift.

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