Beer Pong Kit

tulyra 8 Foot Beer Pong Table Mat,Beer Pong Set,Drinking Games for Adults Party,Included Classic 8 Foot Mat and Mini Mats×2,Beer Pong Balls×12, Beer Pong Cups×24, Ball Rack,Drinking
• 【TIPSY!! UPGRADED 8 FOOT LONG BEER PONG】: You will get a fabulous 8 feet long Beer Pong Mat which is the perfect drinking game for your next party or any event. Offical size for tournament brackets , 8 feet long, 2 feet wide, Let’s get turnt!!!!
• 【#LITINFINITE FUN ANYTIME ANYWHERE 】Addition fun size mats 17’’ X22’’ included so the fun never ends. suitable for parties near lake house, beach, poolside or anywhere with a table. lit it up!!!!
• 【STRAIGHT FIRE ,Tulyra DESIGN BALL DISPENSER RACK 】tulyra design ball rack and scorer hits different. Don’t worry about the messes and spend more time picking up balls than playing . Just pop balls in the rack, easy-peasy!
• 【SLAY TABLE GAME WITH PREMIUM QUALITY 】: Our beer pong set contains 24 reusable & recyclable 16 oz plastic cups, 12 ping pong balls, premium ball rack, and carrying case. Recommended for 2-12 players. Slay table game for cocktail parties, beach parties, and outdoor activities like camping, barbecue etc… It’s super easy to transport with carrying case.
• 【BUZZED DRINKING GAME】Never get bored at game nights! Play more than 10 different games. Get deep in fun with this boozy classic.

Product Details:

This Beer Pong Kit has some of the most important items used in beer pong games. These are: 1 competition mat, 12 beer pong balls, and a whopping 24 beer pong cups. Safe to say that these will suffice for your beer pong rounds. If you somehow find yourself needing more than twenty four cups, then you must be doing something wrong. All of these beer pong items are tournament and regulation grade, so it could not be more professional. So with this rather simple kit / set, you can play a pro level beer pong game with your friends wherever you are (dorm room, backyard, living room, bar, and anywhere else). Please note that this set has been designated as a choking hazard for children under the age of three years old. So please kit it away from any young children in the vicinity.

The mat included in this kit allow for players to arrange the cups in formations of ten, six, four, three, two, and one cup. The beer pong balls are yellow, and have a diameter of about 40mm (tournament grade). In fact, these are the beer pong balls used in the World Series of Beer Pong (which is the highest level of official beer pong tournaments). The beer pong cups included in this kit are also the type that are used in the World Series of Beer Pong tournament. The cups each have a capacity of about 16 ounces (approximately 473 ml).

Whether you’re new to beer pong, or you’re a beer pong pro, get this essentials beer pong kit. It’s worth it.

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