Beer Pong Glowing Game Set

GLOWPONG All Mixed Up Glow in The Dark Beer Pong Game Set for Indoor Outdoor Nighttime Competitive Fun, 24 Multi-Color Glowing Cups, 4 Glowing Balls, 1 Ball Charging Unit Makes Every Shot Glow
• Game Set Includes 24 patented, reusable glow in the dark pong cups in 7 bright colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple), 4 GLOWPONG Glow in the Dark Beer Pong Balls and our patented LED Ball Charging Unit to make EVERY SHOT GLOW! – Plus an additional night of Cup Glow Sticks so you can play for 2 full nights!
• GLOWPONG Glow Cups are quick and easy to assemble and will glow for 8-12 hours upon cup glow stick activation! The cups can be easily reused by removing the Glowing Cup Sticks and replacing them with new ones (two nights of Cup Sticks included). Cups also work great as general glow party supplies and are perfect glowing party accessories for any glow in the dark party!
• Every part of our GLOWPONG party game glows in the dark with no black light required! The included LED Ball Charging Unit even charges the pong balls during the game so that every shot glows! Great for Indoor or Outdoor use and the darker the environment, the better.
• GLOWPONG can be played using traditional Beer Pong rules as an adult drinking game, but is also great for all ages as a family friendly glow in the dark target party game -Make up your own rules, fill the cups with water or soda and kids love the bright glowing colors!
• Perfect for glow parties, theme parties, house parties, events, BBQ’s, lake games, pool games, beach parties, tailgating, camping, pong tournaments, bar games, nightclubs… the list goes on! Bring GLOWPONG with you and play the game anywhere!

Product Details:

This Beer Pong Glowing Game Set is right for you if you are looking for a beer pong experience like no other (more specifically, a glow in the dark beer pong experience), then this Glow Pong Glowing Game Set is what you need. Light up the event with this simple and cheap, but high tech, set. Do not worry, you would not need any black lights to experience this magic. It is all self-lit. The set includes twenty four glowing party cups, which is more than is needed for a beer pong game. Twelve of these cups are green, and the other twelve cups are blue. This distinction is intended for team assignment: one team plays as green, and the other team plays as blue. This beer pong set also comes with four glowing beer pong balls. To keep them charged up at all times, the set also includes an LED Glowing Game Ball Charging Unit. This innovative device is a product of GlowPong, and it ensures that «every shot glows!» There will be absolutely no interruptions to your game.

Essentially, this is the ultimate beer pong set for those looking for an amazing glowing beer pong experience. This is all you have to do: get this beer pong set, gather your friends, turn off the lights, and play beer pong like you have never played it before. GlowPong provides an exciting and innovative way to experience Beer Pong. GlowPong Glowing Party Cups are ridiculously easy to set up. Anyone can assemble everything in a matter of seconds. The glow lasts for a long time: eight to twelve hours after activation. This is enough to last several games of beer pong.

As mentioned above, this set includes as many as twenty four Glowing Party Cups, half of which light up green, and the other half lights up blue. This makes differentiating teams very easy in the dark. Twenty four cups is enough for the two team’s (ten each), two ball-washer cups, and still have 2 cups left as extras. In addition to the cups, the set includes four GlowPong Glowing Game Balls. In the set, there is also a one of a kind LED Glowing Game Ball Charging Unit. This works by sliding under your ball washer cup and quickly charging the game balls. This ensures that the ball stays glowing throughout the entire game.

Getting started with this beer pong glowing game set is extremely easy because there is a step by step instruction manual that is very easy to follow included. Believe us when we say, you have never ever experienced anything like this. Beer pong will never be the same again!

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