Beer Pong Cup Kit

Pong Star Beer Cup Kit
• 20 Playing Cups
• 4 Seamless Pong Balls
• 2 Non Slip Mats, 2 Wash Cups
• Pen & Players List
• Game Instructions

Product Details:

This Beer Pong Cup Kit is perfect to get you started on your beer pong experience. If you are a beer pong regular, then this kit is still for you because it includes several useful items. The kit includes the following: twenty beer pong cups, two non slip mats, two wash cups, four beer pong balls, a pen, players list, and game instructions. So, given the price (see link above or below for price), this is a deal well worth your time and money. Instead of seeking out each of these items one by one, just get this set instead which will have them all in one.

Thanks to Pong Star, you do not have to worry about where to get a set of what you need for a beer pong game. The twenty cups included in this kit are capable of containing up to sixteen ounces of liquid. You’ll realize that this will definitely meet your beer pong needs. The cups are available in two colors: blue and red. This will allow for easy distinction between teams. As mentioned earlier, this set also comes with a whole bunch of other useful beer pong items, such as beer pong balls, wash cups, non slip mats, a pen & players list, and also game instructions. The only thing missing from this set is a beer pong table. It should also be noted that this kit also comes with a carrying case for ease of movement and transportation. You would be hard pressed to find a more extensive beer pong kit, especially at this price.

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