Plastic Beer Pong Cups

Daily Chef Red Plastic Cups, 240 Count by Daily Chef
• Red plastic party cups great for cold drinks
• 240 count
• Plastic party cups

Product Details:

This pack of Plastic Beer Pong Cups is very convenient and cheap, so make sure to order as much as you need. They can help you out in times of great need.

These red beer pong cups / plastic party cups are made by the company Daily Chef. They are a fantastic option because they are great for your beverages, even the cold ones. There are so many cups included in this pack; 240 to be exact, but who’s counting! These are so many that it would take you a long time before you need to buy more. For a very low price (see link above and below for exact price) you would be getting 240 cups, which translates to a mind blowing low price per cup! This is a deal that is very hard to beat . Even if you somehow manage to go through all these 240 cups in a short amount of time, you could order more immediately because of the low cost. Each of these plastic beer pong cups can hold up to sixteen ounces (473 ml) of liquid, so they can hold quite an amount. It should also be mentioned that these cups are sturdy. You can also expect a good shipping time, which tends to be the case.

We would highly recommend using these plastic cups for your beer pong games and parties. However, you may also use them for a wide range of other things. For example, you could also use them for food service, parties, camping trips, and many more uses you can think of. So regardless of your reason, these cups are such a great purchase, and you should get yours as soon as you can.

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