Multilevel Beer Pong Rack

Franklin Sports Stadium Cup Pong Set – Jumbo 6 Cup Pong Game Set with Cups + Stand – Fun Indoor + Outdoor Tailgate Game
• MULTI-LEVEL adjustable targets can become tiered pong in seconds. By changing the targets from a flat surface to multi-level, you instantly differentiate this game from other pong games
• COMPLETE set comes with (2) multi-tier targets and (4) table tennis pong balls
• PERFECT for backyard, beach, picnics, tailgating
• EACH TARGET holds (6) plastic cups (not included). For best results, pair with your favorite 12-16oz plastic cup.
• STURDY PVC tubes ensure long term playability

Product Details:

This Multilevel Beer Pong Rack is one of a kind. Beer pong racks are quite useful because they help to keep your cups steady and in place during those wild beer pong games. This is a much needed function, however, they could be more than just cup holders. Introducing the Multilevel beer pong rack (by Franklin). This rack holds the cups firmly, but it also has another cool feature: Multilevel!. This adds a little twist to the beer pong games because there is the added challenge of aiming for a cup with different levels. So if you consider yourself a beer pong king / queen, try this to test where your skills really are.

This is one of those things that suits multiple occasions. You could use it at parties, tailgates, or you could even send it to someone as a gift. We’re sure you can think of uses for it. The cups are held quite firmly in place because of the depressions that the rack has for this purpose. Each purchase includes one of these Multilevel racks, and you do not have to plug it into a power supply, which also means you can take it with you to locations with poor power access. The shipping weight of this product is about 1.8 pounds (which is approximately 0.8 kg). This is a very light product.

This beer pong rack is certainly worth the try. You may never go back to the old beer pong again.

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