Glowing Beer Pong Cups

Glo Pro NEON GLOWING PARTY CUPS 16 oz Multi Color Light Up Cups Blacklight Party Glow Sticks Glow Party Glow In The Dark Party Decorations Favors Drink Supplies.
• GLOW CRAZY: Shine even brighter with Glo Pro glow in the dark party supplies. These glow party cups shine bright, no matter what’s inside, with a colorful, light-up rim. Great for glow party decorations, glow party supplies, and glow party favors. Add those finishing touches to your next glow event!
• ULTRA-STRONG: Our glow in the dark party cups are made with heavy-duty, food-grade plastic. Plus, these 16-ounce disposable cups have a thick, square rim for easy sipping.
• PARTY READY: These custom-sized glow sticks lock into place around the rim with molded hooks, so they’re not going anywhere. Crack a glow stick to light up your night!
• ONLY FROM GLO PRO: These neon party cups have a handy, molded rim that makes it easy to snap your glow sticks into place. No one makes glow party supplies like Glo Pro!
• GUARANTEED: Throw a glow party to remember and purchase with confidence. The 20- piece cup set comes with 20 glow sticks that work for at least 8 hours, guaranteed.

Product Details:

This set of Glowing Beer Pong Cups costs is a product of the company GlowPong.

Have you ever played glowing beer pong? If not, you are missing out on quite an exhilarating experience. For a very low price (see link above or below for exact price), you could have that experience. The set includes as many as twenty four Glowing Party Cups. This number of cups will be enough for both the teams’ pyramids, the two ball washer cups, and in fact, two cups will still be left over as extras. Twelve of these cups light up green, and the other twelve glow blue. This allows the distinction of teams to be very clear.

Setting up the cups is extremely easy, and it can be done in a matter of seconds. Instructions on how to get it all set up are included. The glow of the cups can last between eight and twelve hours. So rest assured that they will last all the way through your game of beer pong. The whole set only weighs about 1.5 pounds (approximately 0.6 kg).

It should be noted that these cups can be used in many more ways than just for beer pong games. If you wish to use them as your regular drinking cups, then go ahead and light them up! Glow sticks are included in the set as well. These are a good accompanying accessory. For the full glowing beer pong experience, check out the GlowPong Game Set, which includes glowing beer pong.

Go ahead and add some glow to your beer pong life. Your beer pong parties will never be quite the same again!

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