Glowing Beer Pong Balls

GLOWPONG Glowing Game Balls – 12-Pack – for Indoor Outdoor Nighttime Glow-in-The-Dark Beer Pong Drinking Game Fun and General Purpose Neon Glowing Ping Pong Competition
• GLOWPONG Glow in the Dark Game Balls are primarily designed for use with our GLOWPONG Beer Pong target game (not for ping pong). They’re bouncy and infused with high-intensity Glow Powder for MAXIMUM GLOW during game play when charged by our GLOWPONG LED Ball Charging Unit or a blacklight
• These Glowing Beer Pong Balls are the same size and weight as Ping Pong Balls or table tennis balls and perfect for tossing or bouncing into any beer pong cups at your next glow in the dark party. They also feature our GLOWPONG logo printed on the green balls in black
• When these pong balls are used with our GLOWPONG LED Ball Charging Unit (included with our GLOWPONG Glow in the Dark Game Set – also available on Amazon), the balls will glow brightly for over 1 minute from just a 5 second charge from the unit or a blacklight – EVERY SHOT GLOWS during gameplay
• Made with sturdy, food-safe polyethylene, the balls can also be used for other fun glow in the dark party beer games or more child friendly toss or bounce games – kids always love these glowing bouncy balls. Just remember that they require a charge from either our LED Charging Unit or a blacklight in order to glow
• GLOWPONG Glow in the Dark Beer Pong is an awesome and fun target game for your next indoor or outdoor house party, event, BBQ, tailgate, camping trip, beach visit, bar night, pub crawl, dance club… bring it with you and play the game anywhere

Product Details:

This Glowing Beer Pong Balls pack is an easy, quick, and effective way to add some flare to beer pong. The pack consists of twelve glowing beer pong balls is what you need to add a spark to the beer pong game. It is a cheap way to drastically improve the beer pong experience.

These beer pong balls are made from high quality cellulose for regulation size & bounce. So these are right up there when it comes to the level of quality. The glow is created with the help of high intensity Glow Powder, which is present in these beer pong balls. They are designed to function in harmony with another Glow Pong product, the LED Glowing Game Ball Charging Unit. Together, these ensure that the party stays lit like Kryptonite the whole time. A mere five seconds of charging on the Charging Unit will keep the balls glowing for at least one minute, and of course, the longer you keep them in the charging unit, the longer they last.

Do you have balls? That is, beer pong balls. Even if you do, they are probably not like these. The shipping weight of these beer pong balls is only about 3.2 ounces. Here are a couple of tips: You could also buy a laser pointer because that can charge the balls as well. A black light will amplify the whole experience. So if you have an insatiable desire for more glow, get a black light too.

So what are you waiting for? These are worth the money for sure. Experience beer pong in a new way.

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