Tattoo Beer Pong Table with Holes

Tattoo Portable Beer Pong Table with Holes
• Hole Covers INCLUDED
• 22 pre drilled cup holes for easy set up and minimize spillage. NOTE: We have this design WITHOUT predrilled holes too!!!
• Tables are 8 foot x 2 foot, Folds 2 x 2 foot. Has carrying handle. Weighs 20lbs Ball holder for up to 6 balls
• Hole covers included as of 8/3/15
• Cup Holes make this table Child, Wind, and Party Foul proof.

Product Details:

This Tattoo Beer Pong Table with Holes is one of the coolest beer pong tables you’ll ever come across. This beer pong table has beautiful multi-color graphics on it. The tattoo design on the surface is eye-catching. The table has 22 holes that have been drilled in to it. So expect these to make your beer pong games a lot easier because this will help to prevent cup spills and all other kinds of messes that are bound to happen in beer pong. This is also a portable beer pong table, which makes it easy to carry the table around with you, or for easy storage. The dimensions of the table are: 8 feet by 2 feet by 2.5 feet, and when it is folded it has dimensions of 2 feet by 2 feet! The weight of the table is about 20 pounds, which is approximately 9 kg.

There is a plastic rim on the edge of every hole on the table. This helps to provide extra protection. When opening the box containing the beer pong table, please avoid using something sharp to do so. You might cut or scratch the table in the process, which would be less than ideal. Also, please note that this table was not built for keg stands, so that would put the table at some risk. This tattoo beer pong table with holes would be a great purchase. It looks amazing and it functions very well. We would recommend it.

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