Portable Beer Pong Table

Versapong Portable Beer Pong Table/Tailgate Game with Backpack Carry Case and Balls
• The racks are portable and versatile, set them up anywhere, anytime
• Easily stack into a lightweight, portable travel case with backpack straps
• Great for dorms, basements, the beach, tailgating or anywhere else
• Made of durable, premium grade material that holds up to long term use
• Easily customized and much smaller and lighter than a traditional table

Product Details:

This Portable Beer Pong Table is one of the most portable and convenient beer pong tables you could possibly find. The table is customizable. This means you can choose your color of preference, as well as the decals that you like the most. As mentioned before, this beer pong table is very much a portable one. This is very useful because it means that you can go with it anywhere you please, and still be able to play. You can carry it and set it up anywhere you wish to play. This could include places like the beach, your dorm room, in the backyard, and anywhere else. Only your imagination would limit you.

Do not worry about how to carry the table because it comes with a travel case. This portable beer pong table by Versapong is very light; it only weighs about 7 pounds (approximately 3.1 kg). This is about one third the weight of the average beer pong table. Playing beer pong on this is a lot more convenient. With your purchase, you can expect the following: two racks that can be customized easily, water cup holders that you can adjust, a firm tripod base, and a very handy travel case. Please note that the cups are not included.

You will be able to take this beer pong table wherever you wish to because it can withstand a lot; it is even waterproof. So don’t hold back. When assembled, the cups are at a height of about 27.5 inches, which is the regulation height. You can then place them 8 feet apart for them to be at a regulation distance. This is a fantastic deal, especially when you take into account that it can be a regulation table despite only needing about ten percent of the space that the average beer pong table requires.

You can get your hands on about six different colors of this table. They have the logos to match as well. However, if you are interested in personalizing your table you should order the customizable version, which only has the Versapong logo on one side of the rack. You could then add your own stickers and decals as you please.

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