Portable Aluminum Tailgate Beer Pong Table

HOMCOM 8′ Portable Aluminum Tailgate Beer Pong Table
• Perfect for outdoor or indoor use including parties and tailgates
• Sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame
• Versatile table can be used for any type of game or as regular table
• Folds up for easy transport and contains carrying handle
• Overall: 95″L x 23″W x 28.5″H

Product Details:

This Portable Aluminum Tailgate Beer Pong Table is exactly what you need for both outdoor and indoor use. You are not limited when it comes to its uses because you can use it for parties and tailgates. You could use it for beer pong games, or you could use it as a regular table! It’s really up to you. The frame of this table is lightweight because of its aluminum composition. Despite it being lightweight, the table is very sturdy. Transportation of the table is quite easy because it folds up, and it has a carrying handle. So beer pong can go wherever you go. The fun doesn’t have to stop.

This awesome beer pong table is brought to you by HomCom. Whether you are relaxing at the house, tailgating, or at a party, this beer pong table is what you need for your beer pong games. Gather the most talented beer pongers you know so that you can finally determine who the best player is. The beauty of this table is that it need not be used only for beer pong. You could just as easily use it for other drinking games, or for that other reason people get tables (setting things on top). As mentioned before, if you wish to travel somewhere, you do not have to leave beer pong behind. This beer pong table is portable, so it is quite easy to move with it.

The stylish graphic of this table is easy on the eye, and gives it a sleek appearance. Cleaning this table is as simple as using water and a towel. Assembling the table is quite easy, and no tools are required to get it done. These are the dimensions of the tables: 95 by 23 by 28.5 inches (when unfolded), 2 feet by 2 feet, by 5 inches (when folded), and the net mass of the table is about 20.9 pounds (approximately 9.4 kg). This table suits the needs of all. You could be a professional beer pong player or just a casual player. Either way, this table will serve you just well.

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