Glowing Beer Pong Table

45 PCS Glow in the Dark Beer Pong Table Mat, Drinking Game Pong Game with Party Cups, Glow Pongs for Indoor Outdoor Party Game Party Supplies Decoration Flashing&Red&Blue
• Glow in the Dark Beer Pong Table Mat: Includes 1 beer pong party game table mat(71*23inch), 32 plastic cups, 36 LED lights(34 flash color&1 red&1 blue), 12 glowing pongs, 32 waterproof stickers.
• Play&Decoration: It’s not just a game but also the perfect home décor to make you unique. Roll out the pong mat, start your fun anytime, anywhere. .
• High Quality: The beer pong table mat are premium PVC material, the surface is waterproof, easy to clean and tear resistant and plastic cups are not easy to break. .
• Simple&Portable: You just need to have a large enough table or place, you can start your game and play whenever you want, no longer limited to bulky pong table. .
• Perfect Favorite: Perfect for you to planning a drinking game, bachelorette party, game night, barbecue, beach Bars, pubs student night, birthday party.

Product Details:

This Glowing Beer Pong Table is like nothing you have ever tried before. Have you ever played beer pong in the dark? If not, now you can, and it will be quite an experience.

This beer pong table has EL wire edges that glow green on one end of the table, and blue on the other end. This makes it easy to distinguish teams and sides of the table in dark or lowly-lit rooms (which is ideal for this table). What is great about this feature is that you do not need a wall plug to power it. All you need is AA batteries to power it. So even if there is no power where you are, you can still get the full experience of this table. The glowing feature has three different modes: solid color, slow-blinking & fast-blinking. This table is made of aluminum, so it is quite light. It also folds very easily to suitcase size, which means it is possible to move with the table, and easy to store it. It is a regulation size beer pong table: 71 by 23 inches.

It’s really simple. Get this beer pong table, gather an enthusiastic group of people, turn off the lights, and play beer pong like you’ve never played it before. After experiencing beer pong in this amazing way, you will not want to go back to the old ways. This beer pong table uses two sets of EL wire to light the edges of the table (either blue or red). It comes pre-assembled so that you can get right to business when you receive it. We can vouch for this table. So get yours.

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