Customizable Beer Pong Table

Blank Customizable Beer Pong Table – Ball Rack & 6 Pong Balls with built in Bottle Opener – 8 Feet Long – By Red Cup Pong (Black Aluminum)
• Portable Beer Pong Table with built in bottle opener
• Folds into 2’x2′ Briefcase with Carrying Handles
• Regulation Dimensions on Black Aluminum
• High Definition Design
• 6 Pong Balls in Foam Ball Rack

Product Details:

This Customizable Beer Pong Table is perfect for you if you want to customize a beer pong table to your preference. You get to choose what the artistic appearance of the surface is.

This beer pong table is 8 feet long, and it is scratch resistant. It repels liquid and it is also very easy to clean the surface. It is very easy to move around with or store because you can fold it quickly, and unfold it when you want to use it. Warping is not an issue with this table, as is the case with home made beer pong tables. The table has a lightweight design, which makes it lighter than you would expect. It is a very durable table. There are awesome additional features that the table has, including: a stainless steel bottle opener, a foam ball holder, and six beer pong balls. This is a combination that you will greatly enjoy. This beer pong table has the following dimensions: 96 by 24 by 30 inches (when unfolded), and 24 by 24 by 6 inches (when folded), and it weighs about 24 pounds (approximately 10.8 kg).

This professional customizable beer pong table is by Red Cup Pong. Its design is unlike any other you have ever seen. It is more than just a beer pong table. It also includes a stainless steel bottle cap opener, 6 beer pong balls, and a foam ball holder beneath the table. These, you will discover, are great features to have on a beer pong table. The table is of regulation dimensions. So this is professional level stuff! The table easily folds up and it also has carrying handles. This makes it very easy to move with the table wherever you want to take beer pong with you.

In case you missed it, here is the feature list for this awesome beer pong table:

8 feet long

Customizable beer pong table

Regulation Dimensions

Folds/Unfolds in under a minute for storage!

Easy to Clean Surface

Avoids warping and resists spills

Lightweight Design

Durable and Tough

Custom Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

Ball Rack

Custom Balls

High Quality Graphics

Includes Carrying Handles

Weighs only 22 lbs.

8’x2′ surface area

Folds into a 2’x2′ portable carrying case with handles!

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