Black Beer Pong Table

8′ Beer Pong Table – Lightweight & Portable with Carrying Handles by Red Cup Pong (Black)
• The table measures 95.5 x 23.6 x 28 inches with the legs adjustable from 21.5″ to 28″ tal
• Folds Up with Carrying Handles
• Black aluminum
• High Definition Graphic
• By Red Cup Pong

Product Details:

This Black Beer Pong Table is exactly what you need to get for your beer pong games. If you are looking for a simple, yet elegant beer pong table, this table by Red Cup Pong is right for you. It certainly gets the job done, as we are about to elaborate on. It is a regulation table which means that it has official dimensions: 96 inches by 24 inches 36 inches. So if you are a professional beer pong player (aren’t we all?), then this table would satisfy your needs. However, this table is just as suitable for you even if you are not using it on a professional stage.

Another point to make is that it weighs less than 23 pounds (approximately 10 kg). The table can also be folded and unfolded with ease; in less than a minute to be more precise. When it folds, its dimensions are only 2 feet by 2 feet. In addition to that, it also has carrying handles. So all these features make it very easy to transport the table around. With this table, you can take beer pong wherever you go.

Unlike home made beer pong tables, this table will not warp. It also has a surface that is easy to clean, and resists spills (which we’ve heard can come in handy in beer pong). Other features that this table has includes: lightweight design, durability, toughness, and the graphics are of high quality. Basically, a lot of effort and consideration was put into making this beer pong table, and it truly shows. It would be a purchase you would not regret.

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