8 Foot Beer Pong Table – Glow Lights, Speaker, Holes

PartyPong 8-Foot Professional Beer Pong Table w/Cup Holes, LED Lights & Pong Balls – America Edition
• 8 Foot Beer Pong Table with Cup Holes & LED Glow Lights
• LED Glow Lights feature 20 Different Colors; 20 Light Modes (Flashing Solid Fade etc. ) with Adjustable Speed & Brightness. Requires (3) AA Batteries per side – Batteries Not Included.
• ACTUAL holes keeping game cups from sliding & spilling
• Wax finish that deflects liquids and protects the table
• Attached Pong Ball Holder with (6) Party Pong Balls
• Included Components: 6 Pong Balls

Product Details:

This 8 Foot Beer Pong Table by Party Pong is eight feet in length. It has holes in which you can place your cups for greater convenience. This is very helpful because you do not need to worry about cups spilling. The table also comes with the option of glow lights. These add flare to your game of beer pong and liven up the atmosphere. The glow lights are a beautiful blue color. The glow lights have three light speed settings. For this feature, you will need to insert two AA batteries, one for each side. The batteries are not included in the set.

This beer pong table includes holes at both ends of the table, with enough slots for all the cups used in a game of beer pong. These make it a lot easier to prevent cup spills, and keeps them in great balance. Less spilling equals less cleaning for you, and a more fluid game. The graphics are nothing short of amazing. They add to the splendor of the event. This beer pong table also comes with a beer pong ball holder, which comes in handy. It also includes six beer pong balls. All of this to make your life easier.

Are you searching for a beer pong table that is portable, cheap and affordable, yet high tech and cool? If so, Party Pong Professional Beer Pong Tables are exactly what you need. This 8 Foot Beer Pong Table is the most durable beer pong table around: they have aluminum legs and frames that are able to withstand high temperatures and pressure. In addition to that, they can also withstand other bad conditions. This is a portable beer pong table that you can fold into a (2 foot) x (2 foot) case. This makes it very easy to take beer pong wherever you go.

With this table, you also have the following amazing optional features:

You can get the beer pong table with holes at both ends of the table. These holes provide you with a firm and secure place to keep the cups during game play. This prevents spills of cups, and keeps everyone happy. You could also get the beer pong table with wireless Bluetooth speakers. With these, you can easily connect a Bluetooth compatible music playing device to the table and play your music as you go on with your game of beer pong. This will give more life to the game.

Finally, there is also the option of getting the beer pong table with glow lights, which add an amazing atmosphere to the game. The blue glow that fills the room makes getting this feature well worth it.

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