GoPong N Ice Freezable Beer Pong Rack Set

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This GoPong N Ice Beer Pong Rack Set is, as the name suggests, a beer pong rack set that happens to have cooling / freezing features. This means that its cooling capabilities will ensure that your beer is kept cold for a very long time. It can do this even on the hottest summer day, which is when it would be most ideal for. Imagine your beer being cooled and remaining cold as you play beer pong. This is truly something that you and friends can enjoy having and using. It is a must have for parties, tailgates, beer pong tournaments, or home beer pong games. By the way, this is the kind of item that would make a fantastic gift. So if you know someone who lives for beer pong, do them a solid by getting them this as a gift.



Each of these sets comes with two beer pong racks, three beer pong balls, and beer pong rules. If you throw in a beer pong table, you will be good to go! These are all made of high quality impact resistant plastic. So they are very firm and durable enough for the wildest of beer pong games. This ice beer pong rack set is a must have beer pong accessory. It is very easy to set up. Just fill each rack with water and freeze to keep your drinks cold for hours. So it helps to keep the cups from sliding or spilling while keeping the drinks cold. No more chugging those warms cups of beer.


Beer Pong Life - Amazon