Glow in the Dark Inflatable Beer Pong Table

Glow in the dark Inflatable Beer Pong Table


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This Glow in the Dark Inflatable Beer Pong Table is stunning to look at, and a lot of fun to use. 



We forgot to ask you an important question: have you ever seen a glow in the dark inflatable beer pong table? This is the combination of two popular features of beer pong tables: inflatable and glowing. This means not only can you play in no (or little) light, but you can also play in the pool (or any other body of water you wish to). With such a wonderful combination, this beer pong table will certainly make pool parties more memorable. You are welcome to gather some friends and try it out.



These beer pong tables also have other features worthy of recognition: glow in the dark cup holders (which makes them easier to locate in low lit environments), black light design, light show (this is a built in feature), regulation length (8 feet long), and each table is capable of holding up to twenty standard plastic cups in its glow in the dark cup holders. A4 batteries will be needed to power this. Please note that such batteries are not included in the set, neither are the cups.



With this beer pong table, you can play in a very wide range of locations and environments. You could use it at pool parties, lakes, concerts, decks, tailgating parties, the beach, and many more. These are the dimensions for the product: 90 inches by 40 inches by 7 inches, and it weighs a mere 6.7 pounds (which is about 3 kg). 


Beer Pong Life - Amazon

Glow in the darkness inflatable beer pong table

Glow in the dark inflatable beer pong table