Flip Cup is one of the most popular drinking games, so we thought it's only right for us to include it on this site. Please read on for flip cup rules and more.



Flip cup is best enjoyed when played with several people. However, if you can only get one other person to join you, that can work to. The ideal number lies anywhere between two and ten players (it's up to you and your friends to determine what the perfect number is). You will also need: several plastic cups, a table, and of course, lots of beer.



Split the people into two teams, with each team lining up along one of the table's long sides. Then place one cup in front of each player and pour beer (or whatever beverage is to be chugged) into each of these cups. It is highly advised that you only fill the cup by a quarter or a third, certainly not more than this...it's for your own good.



Let the game begin! The first player on each team will then start the game by chugging their beer. They should start at the same time. After drinking all of the cup's content, each player will then place the cup on the edge of the table and attempt to flip the cup upside down using only one hand. As soon as a player has accomplished this, the next player on the team can begin. This person will then do the same thing. The next player can only begin once the previous player has completed their turn (i.e. chugged the beer and flipped the cup).



The first team to get all the cups flipped wins. It's not that hard right? Nice and simple, yet loads of fun. So make sure to give it a try with your buddies.