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Beer Pong Wash Cups

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This Beer Pong Wash Cups set is something that everyone who plays beer pong should have whenever they play. It benefits everyone playing a lot. 


Beer pong is a fun game to play with your friends. It is simple and involves as many people as you like. What's not to like? Maybe just one thing: hygiene. This is often a highly overlooked factor when playing beer pong. Most of the time we use maybe one ball, which lands just about anywhere and everywhere in the room. We then proceed to toss that ball into the cups from which we drink. In the midst of all the chaos, fun, and partying, it can be easy to assume this. However, this poses some risks to your health, maybe even serious risks (depending on the circumstance). Which brings me to my point; there is a very simple and cheap solution to this issue. All you have to do is get wash cups. These are cups that you use during the game to wash or rinse the beer pong balls. No solution is perfect, but this would at least reduce the likelihood of health ailments caused by an easily avoidable problem. Another tip would be to use more than one beer pong ball in a game.



This beer pong wash cups set consists of wash cups (which have an awesome phrase written on them) and six beer pong balls. So for the minuscule price that you would pay for these wash cups, you could improve your beer pong games and reduce health risks. This is never a bad thing.


Beer Pong Life - Amazon