Beer Pong Costume for Women

Beer Pong Costume

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This Beer Pong Costume for Women is the perfect beer pong costume for you if you are looking for something fun, cool, funny, and sexy all at the same time. It's the type of outfit that will get compliments for its humorous approach, as well as compliments for its attractive appeal. Another great reason to buy this beer pong costume is the low price (click the link above or below for the exact current price). The costume has the famous beer pong colors, red and white. The general idea is that the costume is the life size representation of a beer pong cup. The costume is made entirely from Polyester.


This costume is a stretch dress, and it adapts to your body form. If you want, it is possible to remove the straps (which are clear) from this dress. With or without the strap, it should still fit you well because of its stretch and fit form. As if this outfit is not awesome enough, it has an additional feature / accessory that makes it even better. It comes with a ping pong / beer pong necklace. This is such a fitting finish to the outfit. So the whole costume consists of the beer pong dress and the beer pong necklace. You can use a washing machine on this costume.


We would recommend this costume because of its uniqueness and quality. The beauty of the costume is that you can use it for pretty much any occasion you want to. You could use it for Halloween, a party, a beer pong session, or any other event you think it would suit. Do the right thing, get the costume.



Beer Pong Life - Amazon