Beer Pong Balls - 144 Pack

Beer Pong Balls 144 Pack


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This pack of Beer Pong Balls contains 144 plain white ping pong / beer pong balls. They are of good quality. Also, it may take you a while to lose 144 balls. So if your beer pong games get kind of wild, this is the best option for you. Note that these are 38mm balls, so that means they are not tournament grade. However, they work perfectly for normal beer pong games between friends (or enemies). These balls are a fantastic choice for games, practice, carnival challenges, and more. One more thing, these balls do not fit in Burp Guns. So let's keep it on the beer pong table!



This set of beer pong balls contains 144 brand new plain white balls. These balls can be used for a myriad of sports and games, such as beer pong, beirut, ping pong, table tennis, carnival games, and many other uses that your brilliant imagination can come up with. You can expect every single one of these 144 balls to be deilvered in a single box, and they will all be absolutely brand new. This pack is a great purchase: good quality at a very good price. As noted further above, these balls are 38mm. They also have a seam, therefore these balls do not fit in burp guns. Also, because of this you should not expect the same from these balls as you would from 40mm tournament grade balls. However, if you are simply looking to have some fun playing beer pong, these are the beer pong balls you want to get.


Beer Pong Life - Amazon