Toby, The Dog With Two Noses

Toby, the dog with two noses
Courtesy of Venice Beach Freakshow


It is not every day that you get to see, or even hear about a two-nosed dog. However, that is about to change. Meet Toby, the dog with two noses. Toby is an Australian Shepherd with an interesting story.


The world was introduced to this very special dog by Todd Ray. Todd owns the Venice Beach Freakshow, which operates in Los Angeles. Needless to say that he is intrigued by things that are out of the norm. In fact, he has a Guinness World Record for having the biggest collection of two-headed animals. Among his “collection” are animals such as a Chihuahua with two legs, and a Doberman Pinscher with five legs. So you could probably imagine the reaction he had to finding out about the existence of a two-nosed dog.


Toby had a rough life before Todd found him. Toby was abandoned in Fresno, before a dog catcher rescued him. Word then got to Todd about the two-nosed dog that had been found, and he got in touch with them to ask about the dog. They told him that Toby would most likely not make it, and that they wanted to put him down. Fortunately for Toby, there was a group (who work to help animals in need) that also found out about this and immediately went to Toby’s rescue. Todd later adopted Toby.



Todd had concerns that Toby’s breathing and respiratory system might not function the way it is supposed to because of the double nose. However, a visit to the veterinarian dispelled these concerns. In fact, Toby was found to be very healthy. Toby may not have negative effects because of having two noses, but there are certainly some positive effects: Todd claims that Toby has super abilities of smell. Todd has come up with two witty nicknames for Toby: "I call him Toby-One Kenobi, but also Toby Two-Nose -- that sounds like a gangster name".


Behind this unusual story lies a heartwarming one. Toby was born different, and because of this, his previous owners abandoned him. Eventually, he found a happy home with someone who looks after him, despite the person being an owner of a "Freakshow".